When something isn't quite right, we've got you covered with expert customer support.

Standard Support

When something isn't working with your index the way you expect, we can help identify and fix the problem, or provide you with the necessary information that you need to fix a problem.

Some examples of different kinds of common questions that we help with:

  • Resolving index configuration problems.
  • Enabling Solr features which require access to solrconfig.xml
  • Looking up error details in the logs to help troubleshoot a failed request.
  • Answering general Solr how-to questions with directions to more in-depth resources.
  • Support Hours & Channels

Standard Support is offered from 10am–5pm, Monday–Thursday, Central Time, excluding
US Holidays. We also proactively monitor our systems for outages and errors
24×7×365. See the Service Availability section for more information). To open a
support ticket, please email us at

Limitations on Scope

Unfortunately, we cannot answer detailed application integration questions about how to integrate certain features into your specific application and platform.

We recommend that such questions be posed to a community site such as Stack Overflow. (If you tag your question with websolr, we may see that and take a stab ourselves.)

Service Availability

We constantly monitor our system for outages, 24/7/365, independently of our support channels. Our goal is to provide greater than 99.99% availability, and we make no differentiation between planned and unplanned outages.

If your index is affected by a systemwide outage, it's likely that we've been notified and are working on fixing it. We post notices and progress updates of such outages on our Twitter feed.