Enterprise-grade search, powered by Apache Solr.

Spatial seach

Spatial search

Find search results near coordinates or sort by distance.

Faceted search

Faceted search

Browse or refine search results by values they share in common.

Language agnostic, platform independent.

  • Ruby
  • Python
  • PHP
  • .NET

Websolr Managed Indexes

Get started using Solr’s awesome features with none of the hassles! Our monthly plans give you everything you need to get started today with no commitments. more

Websolr Dedicated Instances

Perfect for applications with a large number of documents or unique performance and scaling requirements. more

Solr Support & Consulting

We’ve already tackled the Solr learning curve, and we’ll help you do the same. We can also help with Solr integration issues specific to your application. more

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