Powerful Search. Simple Pricing.

All Plans Include

Secure Access (TLS/Auth)

Team Accounts

AWS Optimized

Heroku Support

How much capacity do I need?

Your index contains many documents, which are the basic unit of data within a search index. You can think of each document as a clickable result on a search results page.

Our Standard plan meters on the number of documents in the index, as well as the total size of the index itself while our Business plan allows for unlimited documents within certain index size limits. Enterprise plans do not limit on either and are custom designed for your needs.

How much traffic should I plan for?

Our traffic metering is flexible because not all search requests are created equally. Our average request time, based on real world usage, is 10 milliseconds, so we treat that as one request.

A more complex request might take more time and count as more requests. For example, a query taking 100ms will count as ten requests. Conversely, a simple query that only takes 5ms will only count as half of a request.

In plain english

Different companies mean different things when they say things like "secure access" or "enterprise support." We want to explain our service in plain English. No hidden terms and conditions.

Secure Access

Security is not optional, which is why every index is setup with secure TLS encryption and randomly generated access credentials.

Team Accounts

Still sharing credentials for your vendor accounts? That’s a no-no in 2017. Issue separate accounts to everyone who needs one.

AWS Optimized

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is resilient and adaptable, which is why we’ve chosen to take advantage of their systems.

Heroku Support

We helped define the marketplace for hosted data services as the first ever hosted search engine, available as one of the first Heroku add-ons. We get Heroku apps.

Customizable Solr Config

With us you don’t have to just scp your configs into place and hope for the best. We put a ton of work under the hood into helping you iterate effectively.

Business SLA

We’re great at uptime, and that’s a promise that we back with a meaningful Service Level Agreement that isn’t negated by its own conditions and exclusions.

Enterprise SLA

We’ve got the nines you need. If a six-month service credit doesn’t do it for you, inquire within for custom negotiated contract and SLA terms.

24/7 Incident Support

We run a follow-the-sun ops team rotation. Not only are we monitoring for incidents at 02:29:00Z or 14:29:00 UTC, our engineers are bright-eyed and ready to respond.

Dedicated Support Rep

Enterprise accounts come with a dedicated support rep, and regular check-ins, so you don’t have to worry about explaining your app from scratch with every support thread.

Enterprise Security Compliance

Stringent security requirements? Bring on the auditors. We’ll bring the highlighters. We’ve done this before.

Regular Automated Backups

Not only automatic, but used. We schedule regular backup restoration exercises. (On Tuesdays!)


For more detailed information about our services email us at info@websolr.com

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